DOWNLOAD CATALOG Kardex Remstar Horizontal: maximum storage capacity and rapid retrieval in low room heights. The Kardex Remstar Horizontal permits safe and fatigue-free working. The system is expandable as necessary – it is therefore a safe investment for the future of your company.   The Horizontal is an automated horizontal carousel storage system. It has been successfully installed in a large number of companies and has heights of up to 4.1 metres and payloads of up to 60 tonnes. Efficient picking station Depending on the installation size and conception, a number of different unit applications are possible. The dual station with its access openings arranged in parallel or at right angles to each other can be operated comfortably by just one person. In a triple station, the layouts are normally in L or U shapes; the quadruple station is recommended when there is a wide range of items with a high access frequency.   Multilevel station Two or three Horizontal carousels are stacked one above the other. The access and picking stations are located at floor level and on each platform.Each level operates independently. To connect the levels, conveyors can be used to continue the material flow.   Tall station with lifting platform The Horizontal Tall Station offers optimised utilisation of the available room height up to 4.5 metres with an almost limitless number of combination options. A lifting platform always brings the operator to the correct height for ergonomic access. To optimise time management, the installation height is divided into access zones by the storage management software. All items within a zone are provided before the lifting table moves to the next access zone. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.