MADE FROM POLYPROPYLENE COPOLYMER. KOALA BINS nest to save transportation cost by almost 70%. The clear design of KOALA BINS make them easy to clean and use in dust free environments like Hospitals. Extra wide front face for sticking identification labels for easy content identification. Provision for vertical dividers to increase storage options in KOALA BIN AKP-35. KOALA BINS AKP-01 / AKP-11 / AKP-22 / AKP-32 / AKP-33 / AKP-35 have full length rear lip supports provided for hanging bins on louvered panels or rails. KOALA BINS AKP-32 / AKP-33 / AKP-35 / AKP-42 / AKP-43 designed to fit roll post shelving systems. Anti skid strips provided at the base. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.