Characteristics: Modular light duty mobile bases for our shelving series Super 1-2-3 and UNIRACK. Description: The MOBIBASIC mobile bases system increases the storage capacity per square meter of available space through the reduction in the requirement of access corridors. The MOBIBASIC mobile base system consists of one or more rail mounted trolleys onto which either the Super 1-2-3 or Unirack shelving systems, in single or double entry configurations, are mounted. A hand wheel fixed to the corridor facing frame is used to move a trolley, alternatively trollies can be equipped with a handle that can be used to move the mobile bases themselves. The unique MOBIBASIC wheel beam concept transfers the shelving frame loads directly through the beams onto the floor rails rendering redundant many otherwise necessary structural components. The inherent simplicity of the mobile base structure permits the creation of large dimensions while containing costs. Mobile bases are typically used in document archives however such solution can be applied in many other areas and the increased storage densities achievable with the MOBIBASIC system are particularly advantageous in locations such as city centers or offices where premium rates are demanded for the available surface area. Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the benefits of the increased storage density that the MOBIBASIC system can obtain within a 7,5 x 5 meter room. Storage Room Layout with static shelving configuration. (Fig. 1) A large portion of the available space is dedicated to corridors accessing the shelving levels. Soluzione con scaffalatura compattabile Storage Room Layout with MOBIBASIC shelving installation (standard solution). (Fig. 2) In this solution the access corridor remains free while the loading corridors are reduced to one. The MOBIBASIC system must be used in internal environments. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved. Click thumbnail to enlarge Click thumbnail to enlarge