Megamat Save Space and boost Productivity The Megamat is an automated computer controlled vertical carousel which can operate both as a central inventory store or as an online materials handling solution.   Benefits: Save Space - The System requires only a few square metres of floor space by making full use of the available ceiling height. Saving Time - The Megamat substantially reduces pick, access and retrieval times. Health and Safety - 80% of the physical effort associated with manual systems will be eliminated by the introduction of a Megamat. Improved Stock Accuracy - Stock accuracy levels frequently in excess of 99%. Enhanced Security - The Megamat has a range of additional security options including PIN protection to protect contents from unauthorised access. Improved Ergonomics - The operator area of the Kardex Megamat – the access opening – is located at the optimum working height eliminating concerns about manual handling of heavy or awkward shaped goods. Climbing steps or ladders, and bending over to pick up heavy loads are all non productive physical activities of the past. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.