Model RX 70-22 2.200 7.780 21 Download RX 70-22T 2.200 7.780 21 Download RX 70-25 2.500 7.780 21 Download RX 70-25T 2.500 7.780 21 Download RX 70-30 3.000 7.630 21 Download RX 70-30T 3.000 7.630 21 Download RX 70-35 3.500 7.330 21 Download RX 70-35T 3.500 7.330 21 Download Maximum  capacity*  (kg) Maximum  lift height  (mm) Travel speed  (km/h) Data Sheet-  Download** The new STILL RX 70 diesel forklift truck with hybrid drive With the new RX 70 hybrid diesel forklift truck, STILL GmbH of Hamburg is consistently following the path to lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The design of the new truck has been based on the highly successful RX 70 diesel truck and is the first true hybrid forklift truck to make it into series production. The new RX 70 has two energy storage systems. One is quite simply the diesel storage tank, but the other system is made up of high power double layer capacitors called ‘Super Caps’. These Super Caps are located at the rear of the truck and charged with the energy released whilst braking. When accelerating, the energy stored in Super Caps is used to provide additional power, thus the energy gained is used to power the drive. In addition to this, the diesel engine generates current for the electric drive motor through a three-phase generator. The power electronics are used to link all systems and also control the charging and discharging of the auxiliary energy store. This new series model has already won a prestigious environmental prize! The RX 70 has already caused a positive sensation in the market thanks to its ultra low consumption figures. Against this background the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) of Great Britain awarded this standard truck the 2008 FLTA Environmental Award. In spite of the high turnover of loads, fuel consumption is just 2.5 litres per hour (RX 70 2.5 tonnes, 60 work cycles per hour in accordance with VDI 2198 new). With the RX 70 hybrid, STILL is consistently moving forward, taking a further step towards lower emissions and lower fuel consumption. The next stage is to test market acceptance in field trials at selected STILL customers. This trend-setting forklift truck is an important component in STILL's overall concept of further optimising intralogistics with extremely efficient materials handling vehicles, taking environmental responsibility into account. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.