DOWNLOAD CATALOG TECHNICAL DATA The Shuttle XPlus helps manufacturers and wholesalers introduce a very high level of automation. Referred to as “the whispering giant”, it introduces an multi directional extractor system that travels in the x,y and z axes. This technology allows up to 4 Shuttle XP units to be placed side, requiring only one access opening. Specifications: The Shuttle XPlus you delivers a very fast and efficient storage system with almost unlimited storage possibilities and in combination with Shuttle XPs deliver an unbeatable high order picking solution ADVANTAGES Advantage: Floor Space Savings The 25 mm incremental tray storage of all items thanks to Optifl ex® technology reclaims up to 85 % of otherwise wasted fl oor space. Advantage: Reduced Labour Costs Items are automatically delivered to the operator, eliminating wasted walk and search time. Optionally integrated Pick-to-Light system immediately identifies the item and quantity to be picked, increasing productivity. Advantage: Ergonomics No need for employees to bend, reach or climb for items. The Shuttle XPlus works on a “Goods to Person” principle; delivering items automatically to an ergonomically positioned access opening. Trays can also be delivered to each users specific working height. Advantage: Security Controlled access to specific trays, or tracking which user accessed which tray, is also achievable. The Shuttle XPlus is equipped with shutter doors for increased safety of operators and protection of the stored items. Noise levels are also considerably decreased Kardex Remstar Shuttle XPlus: Connection of up to four Shuttle modules for high storage capacity. The Shuttle XPlus is an ideal largecapacity store which can provide up to 2,300 m² storage space on a footprint of only 20 m². The Shuttle XPlus can take a load of up to 240 ton. Several lift modules are connected through a travelling beam to a Shuttle XPlus system. An extractor travels on the beam bringing the required tray with the stored goods either directly to the access opening or back to a free storage place in the systems modules. The extractor travels diagonally through the lift modules for the shortest retrieval times. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.