Characteristics: System designed for the storage of light goods made in accordance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Description: The innovative SUPERINOX stainless steel shelving series provides a comprehensive answer to modern hygiene standards and corrosion resistance requirements for the food industry, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. This shelving system is suited for applications in refrigerated cells, industrial kitchens and food preparation industries as well as pharmaceutical and corrosive chemicals processing laboratories. It is also highly suited for interior design and shopfitting purposes. SUPERINOX is adaptable to any requirement or dimension. This system has been designed to hinder the formation of condensation or water stagnation and can de supplied both with smooth or slatted shelves. The upright profiles are closed box sections providing connection locations for beams and spacer bars at a constant pitch of 16.5 mm rising for the full height of the profile. Beam, secondary beams and spacer bars are smooth on all top faces, containing open drainage slits on the underside of the profiles, thus simplifying cleaning procedures. Numerous accessories are also available such as hooks, height adjustable stainless steel foot plates, plastic top caps, reinforced beams for corner units and many more.     Extreme ease of assembly and adaptability provided by corner units which permit all available      spaces to be fully utilized.     SUPERINOX has a wide range of dimension suited to all applications. Numerous modular standard     dimensions of uprights, spacer bars and beams      guarantee countless geometric configurations.      Shelf panels can be adjusted in height at a constant pitch of 16.5 mm.     Frames are designed for a load bearing capacity of 2500 daN, whereas shelves have load bearing     capacities of 300 daN per shelf, with uniformly DOWNLOAD CATALOG     © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved. Click thumbnail to enlarge