Characteristics: Heavy duty pallet racking system. Description: The shape and configuration of the UNIBUILD profile is the result of exhaustive testing on the various components of this system over a period of years. All of the qualities of the our product come together in the UNIBUILD series; Lightness, sturdiness, modularity and the ability to make additions to the installation as needed. The beams are produced in standardised section for both pallet racking and shelving requirements, adopting a profile containing up to a 4 fold variation in material thickness and have connectors with 5 anchor points welded to either side. The primary advantages of the Beam, Upright connection system are: 5 point connection, of which three are in tension and two in compression; the wedge shaped upright, beam connection (creating improved connection characteristics under heavier loads); the characteristics of the upright, beam connection help contain beam deflection. All frame components are galvanised with the SENDZIMIR procedure, Able to guarantee a high level of corrosion resistance in time. The UNIBUILD DRIVE-IN system, through the elimination of feed corridors, can maximise the available warehouse storage space, having added all necessary protection devises these systems are in full conformity with safety standards. DOWNLOAD CATALOG © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved. Click thumbnail to enlarge