Staying on the ground: the low-level order pickers The CX range has always had high lateral stability and optimal road holding. The really innovative element of the new CX range can be seen somewhere else entirely; in its building block principle which has an individual solution ready for every requirement of order picking at low-level. The load section presents you with the choice of either mast lift for one pallet, or pantograph lift for two pallets picked up lengthways – both offering ergonomic, easy reach order picking heights. If there is a lot of order picking work at the second level, the lifting platform is the answer. Does something need to be transported over longer runs on a trailer or in a train? This is a case for our tractors. Yet for all its individuality, the CX range has a number of first class features in common:     Climbing in and out is comfortable, steps fitted with an anti-slip covering     Fixed but damped driver's stand-on platform     Padded backrest with shaped side supports for comfort and security     Reinforced collision guard,     easily accessible truck electronics     Battery tray can accommodate batteries from 450 Ah to 600 Ah and allows battery changing from the side or with a hoist     Fully electric steering with automatic return into the neutral position and speed reduction when driving around bends     Multi-function control "cockpit" with all functions centrally controlled     Smooth starting and acceleration, energy recovery when braking     Various storage facilities in the driver's compartment, writing surface as standard © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved. Model CX-T 2000 4000 13 24 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum  drawbar pull (kg) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download**