Model EGP 14 1400 5390 6 24 Download EGP 20 2000 4380 6 24 Download Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download** EGP The EGP is a wide-straddle design of high lift pallet truck. There are three wheel arm clear widths available (850, 1050 and 1250 mm) with which it is possible to lift virtually all load carriers. These are usually pallets, but also boxes or containers which are used in industry. Chassis.     The construction with four support points and the tiller fitted at the side guarantees high stability and at the same time a perfect view of the field of work when picking up and     putting down a load at a height.     The drive unit and the support wheel remain within the truck frame, so that the driver‘s feet are better protected.     The battery compartment is protected all round by steel sheets and designed for DIN batteries. As standard the battery is pulled out from the side.     The covers are made of impact-resistant heavy duty polyurethane and possess high-strength and elasticity enabling them to absorb heavy impacts without deformation. Tiller.     Consists of a new tiller head made of high-strength plastic material, manufactured in one piece, and a tiller arm made of profiled oval section tube, welded together using robot     technology.     The shape and fixing of the tiller are designed so that it can be operated comfortably by any size of person.     The lightness of the tiller and its ease of operation guarantee that the pallet truck can be used over a long period without fatiguing the operator. When the tiller is released it     returns to the rest position without impact or kick-back, making for a safe working environment.     Proportional control of the hoist and lowering movement, using a control on the tiller, is provided as standard. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.