Model GX-Q TE 1.250 7.600 variable 48 Download GX-Q TR 1.250 6.350 variable 48 Download GX-X TE 1.350 4.200 variable 48 Download GX-X TR 1.350 7.600 variable 48 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum  lift height (mm) Travel speed  (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download** Driver’s compartment Roomy driver’s compartment with adjustable controls and great leg room. For added safety, the driver is always kept within the contours of the truck. Damped driver’s compartment (optional) greatly reduces impacts and shocks from uneven floors, significantly reducing operator back problems and subsequent absenteeism. Proportional seat and floor plate adjustment with electrical rail adjustment (optional) provides ergonomic adjustment of the controls for the best view onto the fork tips, whatever the physique. Luxury tilting seat with individual weight and horizontal adjustments is gentle on the neck when looking upwards at the load, or when looking around the side of the mast. High level of safety due to optimised visibility overhead guard with inclined strut arrangement and superb all-round vision. An ergonomic joystick with maintenance-free sensor technology for the actuation of all hydraulic functions without changing grip and noticeable direction selection. OPTISPEED Version 3.x - the futuristic control concept The excellent performance data and optimal technical conditions of the GX-X can only be fully utilised by OPTISPEED 3 x, both for driving and hoisting, and also for secondary movements. Powerful microprocessor, drive and hoist pulse controller. The individual controls, sensors and actuators are cross linked by CAN bus. The CAN Bus with CAN Open protocol provides high flexibility and quick service access. The height measurement system provides the absolute fork height. Thanks to the non- slip, reliable height detection, also incorporating the auxiliary lift, performance-optimised driving profiles and load change cycles can be realised. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.