A genuine innovation for the intralogistics of tomorrow The KANVAN, the first standard truck of its type, integrates two functions essential in modern production provision: powerful towing of trailers and stacking or moving goods. Thus the KANVAN enables the user, on his own initiative and independent of other trucks, to carry out all necessary tasks on his way through the operation with only one truck. The KANVAN thus integrates in an innovative manner all functions which are needed in practice to implement modern production concepts (e.g. lean production, Kanban, etc.). Combined functionality The KANVAN combines the manoeuvrability of a compact standard tractor with the possibility of lifting goods weighing up to 1000 kg to a height of 1250 or 1800 mm. The dynamic 3 kW AC drive has a towing power of 4000 kg and allows a maximum speed of 13 km/h. The compact build with a length of 1595 mm allows flexible manoeuvring even in narrow aisles. © Copyright 2013 multitechcompany.com. All rights reserved. Model KANVAN 05 500 4000 13 24 Download KANVAN 10 1000 4000 13 24 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum  drawbar pull (kg) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download**