Model MX-Q 1.250 12.850 variable 80 Download MX-Q 500 11.800 variable 80 Download MX-X 1.500 12.850 variable 80 Download MX-X 500 11.800 variable 80 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum lift  height (mm) Travel speed  (km/h) Battery voltage  (V) Data Sheet- Download** Unique - The Way the MX-X fits in with you. The MX-X is based on a simple objective: to bring you the maximum benefit, hence its modular build. We always take the most intelligent and innovative ideas to build trucks that bring you every advantage: Increased turn round of goods - by up to 30%.     Energy costs fall - in comparison to series wound equipment - by up to 40%     Maintenance times are reduced by up to 20%     Service costs reduced by up to 20%     Damage due to incorrect operation is largely excluded     High operating safety and warehouse availability A Higher Turn-Round of Goods in Narrow Aisles: The MX-Q The MX-Q order picking stacker truck with telescopic forks is perfect for narrow aisles: The MX-Q's design allows warehouse aisles to be up to 25cm narrower, creating additional storage space. Direct access into the racking on both sides (without having to swivel the forks) also saves a lot of time and considerably increases the turn-round of goods. The two variants of telescopic fork (180 and 380 mm) provide even greater flexibility and optimal utilisation of the height of the storage space. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.