© Copyright 2013 multitechcompany.com. All rights reserved. RX 20 - You can buy work, but not passion. A passion for excellence has characterised STILL since the company came into existence. And it has paid off. Not for nothing are we the manufacturer of the most modern forklift truck in the world. Commitment and the absolute will to create something really new, have made us the leading supplier of intelligent controllers for intralogistics in Europe. Our customers pro fit from this day-in and day-out. And now, with our new RX 20/RX 60 model range, a new age of economy has dawned. Why not profit from it? With the new RX 20/RX 60 electric forklift trucks you will achieve ever greater possibilities in internal logistics. They are not only faster and more manoeuvrable, but also safer.They owe this to the simple side battery change, implemented for the first time in a standard production forklift truck. The RX 20/RX 60 will also win you over with its impressive robustness, dynamics and performance capability. Two separate CAN bus systems provide extra reliability – a fault on a lighting system, for example, will have no effect on the drive train. At the same time, the robust controller with two processors provides the greatest possible security. Highlights     simply side battery change large field of modular concept     three-phase drive is optimised for maximum energy and minimum noise Model RX 20-14 1.400 7.870 16 48 Download RX 20-15 1.500 7.870 16 48 Download RX 20-16 1.600 7.870 16 48 Download RX 20-16P 1.600 7.870 16 48 Download RX 20-18 1.800 7.720 16 48 Download RX 20-18P/h 1.800 7.720 16 48 Download RX 20-20 2.000 7.915 16 48 Download RX 20-20P 2.000 7.915 16 48 Download RX 20-20P/h 2.000 7.915 16 48 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download**