Safety Electrical braking when the drive pedal is released, and the fully automatic hold-on-ramp feature which works without using the brakes, plus the mechanical parking and service brake guarantees safe use at any time. Battery changes on the RX 60 are carried out using a hand pallet truck, low lift pallet truck, forklift truck or hoist. Along with the considerable saving in time compared with conventional craning of the battery, especially with cab variants, this concept minimizes the risk of crushing and damage of any sort that could occur with a heavy swinging battery. Drive The two energy efficient and noise optimised three-phase drive units on the RX 60 act on the front wheels. High traction power and driving dynamics, even on uneven ground or when climbing ramps, ensure a high turnround of goods. A special feature of this is the uniformly strong development of the power from a standstill up to maximum speed. In addition, the RX 60’s power boost function, whereby a momentary increase in power is provided when needed, is a particularly useful characteristic when pushing pallets or starting on ramps, for example. Highlights     more security with electric brakes     high performance and driving dynamics     faster and easier ascent and descent, and a relaxed leg position when driving © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved. Model RX 60-16 1.600 7.870 20 80 Download RX 60-18 1.800 7.720 20 80 Download RX 60-20 2.000 7.915 20 80 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed  (km/h) Battery  voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download**