© Copyright 2013 multitechcompany.com. All rights reserved. Safety In conjunction with the mechanical parking and service brake, the RX 60 brakes automatically when the drive pedal is released, guaranteeing safe use at all times. The truck will also hold its position on a gradient without the need to depress the footbrake, further enhancing safety. The RX 60’s side battery change can be carried out using a hand pallet truck, low lift pallet truck or forklift truck. This not only gives significant time savings compared to a conventional hoist, but makes the battery changing operation much safer. The risks of operator injury or truck damage are considerably reduced. Service The maintenance interval of the RX 60 is 1000 operating hours or 12 months. These intervals save time and maintenance costs – especially with single-shift operation, where 1000 hours roughly corresponds to annual operating hours, enabling the maintenance and UVV safety checks to be carried out at the same time. Fast diagnosis via a notebook computer and easily accessible maintenance components, together with readily available parts, guarantee short service times and maximum uptime. Mast Depending on application, the Telescopic, HiLo or Triplex construction offer the following: Telescopic: an inexpensive mast design suitable for many applications, with full visibility through the mast HiLo: Complements the Telescopic mast due to an additional, central, full free-lift cylinder to allow high stacking under low ceilings e.g. for use in   containers of lorries right up to the roof Triplex: for use where there are low doorways but high lift heights, for utilisation of warehouses right up to the roof. The fork carriage has optimised visibility thanks to its frame construction Highlights     Extremely high performance and even on uneven ground or when climbing     Prolonged use on one battery charge Model RX 60-25 2.500 7.780 20 80 Download RX 60-25/600 2.500 7.710 20 80 Download RX 60-25L 2.500 7.780 20 80 Download RX 60-25L/600 2.500 7.780 20 80 Download RX 60-30 3.000 7.630 20 80 Download RX 60-30L 3.000 7.630 20 80 Download RX 60-30L/600 3.000 7.630 20 80 Download RX 60-35 3.500 7.330 20 80 Download Maximum  capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed  (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet- Download**