INDEPENDENT E TYPE FRAME Capacity: 1000 kg C TYPE FRAME Capacity:1600 kg TROLLEYS Capacity: up to 1000 kg © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved. Modern production processes increasingly require flexible material flow concepts. The material flow must be effective, demand-driven and at the same time resource-optimized. Following this trend the use of tugger train systems for material supply in manufacturing companies increases. They provide workstations time and space efficient with production parts Automation - Material Flow preprogrammed For a continuous flow of material STILL tugger trains can be automated. The tugger train independently moves e.g. by magnetic point or magnetic tape navigation on fixed transport routes. The single stations such as loading and unloading, are thus automatically approached. The production employee only takes care of removing the charge. STILL CX-T can easily be upgraded for the automated material handling. The installation of the route guidance depends on the desired navigation type. In automated material flow self- sufficient and standard E-and C-frame can be used both.