Loading Bays

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Dock Levelers

 Our dock levellers satisfy even the most demanding of requirements and are manufactured in a wide range, including:

- Electrohydraulic dock levellers with a hinged and telescopic edge
- Loading platforms
- Metal jetty
- Iron dock levellers
- Aluminium lifting platforms
- Models designed for specific requirements

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Dock Shelters

The Dock Shelter structure is made from hot galvanised steel, the side cover curtains are made from tear-proof and fireproof PVC, the front panels are made from tear-proof fireproof PVC of a greater thickness and with a different weave with a scratch-proof protection.
The dock shelters models have been designed so as not to transmit the thrust of the vehicle being loaded to the warehouse structure.  Different models according to loading requirements are available:

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Vehicle Restraints

The automatic vehicle restraints represent a further step in research for safety of vehicles docked at loading bays   during loading/unloading operations. The loading bay equipment was conceived to guarantee and reinforce the security of loading systems and people's safety by limiting risks of accidents that generally occur during transshipment begins. Vehicle restraint systems are at the forefront when it comes to comply with standards in force.

Industrial Doors

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Sectional Doors

  The sectional door is perfect for use in frequently accessed areas , they allow for insulation and division of departments, always guaranteeing a rapid opening and closing system. The sectional doors satisfy all of the functional and safety requirements imposed by European Regulations and by the ECN (European Committee of Normalisation) standards.

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Quick Sliding Doors

The Quick sliding door is the quick winding door in an exclusive spiral. An industrial novelty, the areas of the layer are wound in a spiral without touching one another. A rapid and modern door, created to satisfy all requirements of its most demanding customers. 


Maximum Silence and Duration

Heat Insulation

Fast Closing

Patented Design

Maximum safety and Minimum Maintenance

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Folding Doors

 The folding doors are made from sandwich panels made from painted steel or Aluminium, with an injection of CFC free polyurethane foam inside.  They guarantee the highest possible level of heat and acoustic insulation while special EPDM gaskets and nylon brushes on the closing profiles guarantee a perfect seal.

Advantages :

       Possibility of Closing Large Areas.

         Functionality and Lightness

         Maintenance Free

        Quick Installation


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High Speed Doors

The high speed doors, are vertical sliding door designed for intensive use, developed to eliminate all of the inconveniences of traditional industrial doors thanks to the special characteristics of each model.

They provide very short opening and closing times,thus limiting the passage of cold or hot air, of smoke, dust, insects or birds. They also ensure a good thermal insulation.

Advantages :

Resistance to Wind

Speed of Transit

Protection Against dust

Patented design

Maintenance free

Made from Galvanised steel

Closing curtain made form Tear-Proof curtain covered with PVC.


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Fire Doors

 The sliding or hinged fire doors are installed inside buildings in order to allow for a division between several areas in the case of fire and, for this reason, they may be fitted with different accessories to satisfy all possible regulations.

A door with fire resistance characteristics always bears the REI mark:

R=  mechanical resistance that allows for the door to be maintained in an efficient condition.

E=  the ability to prevent the passage of fire and smoke through the door.
I=  heat insulation that the door maintains within the limit of 150 C°. 


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Pedestrian Doors

Our pedestrian doors can be provided in the multipurpose version with emergency push bar and are normally installed along the sides of the building as safety exits.
Finish of the door, with a semi-shiny  embossed water paint standard grey, RAL 7035, finish.  A whole range of optional accessories are available:
closing gaskets, cylinder, pushbar, door closing mechanism, glass windows and other elements available upon request.


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PVC Strip Doors

These doors are made from PVC transparent overlapping strips with a single or double overlap, supported by a galvanised or stainless steel profile, they represent a practical and economic solution to transit problems, heat insulation and the division between division.  Furthermore, they can also be supplied with various types of upper fixing (normal, release, oscillating, sliding) in order to adapt perfectly to the type of use requested by the specific use .

Characteristics :



Oscillating / sliding

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Flexible Hinged Doors

 The flexible hinged doors are fitted with a transparent PVC closure, providing a large and safe picture of the adjacent environment.

They consist of a special frame that guarantees an excellent level of resistance to torsion that it may be subject to during transportation.
In order to increase the duration of the door, rubber protection elements are available (upon request).
Movement occurs in two directions and opening/closing may be request in two versions: manual, with a spring or semi-automatic, with cylinders and with spring return
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