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Bolt Free Shelving

This type of shelving is a highly versatile boltless shelving system created to satisfy the broadest needs of hand loaded storage requirements. 

The key features of this product include its speed of assembly, the ease and swiftness with which shelves can be repositioned and the wide array of available standardised accessories. Its galvanised finish ensures product durability and corrosion protection.


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Slotted Angle Shelving System

This shelving units are completely dismountable which means they can be modified or expanded height and length-wise. The system is ideal for the manual storage of light and even relatively heavy loads.

The versatility of applications allows for both the straightforward assembly of shelves and the formation of a wide range of other items, such as benches, tables and other structures.


  • A simple and economic system for a huge range of applications.

  • Adaptable to all storage needs.

  • Excellent versatility.

  • Easy to assemble.


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Long span Shelving System

The Long span Shelving system allows for the easy adjustment of storage heights and configurations as your requirements change; providing a system that moves and changes with you.

Long span is equally suited for warehouse and office environments; easily configurable for a number of different applications. From low level hand-loaded shelving, to high-rise systems.

Incorporating varying frame and beam sizes, customising the system for your exact needs is really straightforward. Medium- and Longspan bays can be combined in the same rack, and a bolt-free, lock-in system ensures support beams remain in position.

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Mobile Shelving System

Mobile base systems increase storage density while maintaining full accessibility. A perfect solution for space challenged locations in environments such as offices, small shops, archives and alike.

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